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Get to know us

City Modern Ensemble is  the most well known modern dance company in Roanoke, V A. We’ve been around since 2005, and have provided our community of supporters with a wide range of performances and shows. For many years, we’ve been at the forefront of the dance scene in Roanoke - giving community dance artists the chance to appear in our high-end productions and audiences an opportunity to see these talents come to life. Come out to one of our artistic productions!  Photo credits: David Reep

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The Company Mission

Since 2005, City Modern Ensemble has been the most recognized modern dance company in Roanoke, VA - providing quality shows and performances at unbeatable prices. At City Modern Ensemble, we value our audience and do everything we can to make their experience with us enjoyable. Our main mission is to work respectfully with originality and authenticity.   Stop and unleash your imagination with our cutting edge shows and performance opportunities.

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Share Our History

Founded by Liza Deck in 2005City Modern Ensemble has been captivating the hearts of audiences through its creative productions. As a respected Dance Company, our venue has hosted a wide range of productions from the get go. Every day, we’re inspired by the outside world — and are always finding ways to keep our audiences engaged and entertained. Whether taking the stage in-house, or performing as guests,  City Modern Ensemble knows how to make a lasting impact. Get ready to be entertained!

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